Wal-Mart Home Office


Robert Smith, PMP
(937) 527-8155

Wal-Mart Home Office  
Bentonville Ar.  
Senior Manager II

Dec 2010 to Present

Logistics Systems Support (Budget and Planning):  Lead a team of 19 Divisional Support Systems Managers and 2 Senior Managers, made up of field members scattered across the US.  This 24 x 7 operation focused on managing change control and minimizing outages and down time for over 160 Distribution Centers.  Directed strategic planning to develop initiatives to preempt or limit unplanned outages to the service field.  Mentored and created a team of exceptional leaders. 

  • Team of 2 Senior Managers
                 19 Divisional Support Managers

  • Supported a portfolio of 38 projects ranging from Software, Infrastructure, Power and Telecommunications

  • Budget established and monitored $135,000,000

  • Project Teams consisted of on and off shore contractors

Information Systems Division (Logistics Customer Planning & Analysis Project Management Team)   Project manager for Distribution systems data collection and reporting.  Managed multiple projects from conception to closure.  Assisted the staff in improving the quality and reporting of status reporting with client and executive reviews.

  • 4 Team(s) of internal and contracted, on and off shore

  • Supported a portfolio in support of Logistics Systems

BI / analytics
Data capture
Translation of Global Applications
Integration of Robotics
RFID monitoring

  • Managed a Portfolio Budget of $45,000,000

Environment: Clarity, MS Office Suite, SAP