Anser Corporation


Robert Smith, PMP
(937) 527-8155

Chief of Production

Sep 1989 to Jan 1992

As Chief of Production in the Data Systems Division worked as a project leader on the development of the USAF Strategic Air Commands, Logistics Assessment Tracking System (LATS). My responsibilities included Local and Wide Area Networking design, installation and maintenance, development of the LATS Functional Description Document, Training Program, User Manuals, Help Desk and Testing Program.

Designed eight Ether Net networks, including a fiber optic network for classified data processing. Utilized Advance Net, PCNFS, TCP/IP, and Basic Serial Services, network and communication protocols to interconnect work stations and servers to Local and Wide Area Networks. Designed, installed, configured, tested and maintained a 100% fiber optics Ether Net network which experienced only one minor failure in 18 months.

Utilized Technical Orders, Mil Specs, and user inputs to develop application programming requirements. Generated delivery schedules, developed and managed the software testing program and supervised the programming staff of six system and application programmers in their tasks, Using Pascal, C, and Assembly developed over 500,000 lines of code that integrated all aspects of the Munitions Maintenance Squadrons, and never missed a delivery.

Supervised two technical writers during the development and publication of three LATS user manuals and Functional Description Document.

Designed a configuration data anomaly program coordinated all aspects as the project manager and government liaison for the development and deployment of a Logistic Asset Tracking system. System filtered out data inconsistencies, innovating the way the Air Force managed nuclear asset configuration and tracking.

  • Team of 4 Managers
                    2 Technical writer
                 14 Programmers

  • Budget established and monitored $50,000,000