U.S. Air Force

Robert Smith, PMP
(937) 527-8155


Aug 1976 to Nov 1989

Wright Paterson AFB

Deputy Chief of Information Systems

Responsible for requirement definitions, programming, system evaluating, procuring, integrating and training users on emerging computer technologies while maintaining all existing systems and software.  Performed system design and support for over 8 million dollars of computer systems, networks and peripherals, supporting a 1200 man program office involved in the acquisition of fifteen Air Force weapon systems.  Managed the contracting Contracting Technical Representative (COTAR), development, fielding and maintenance of weapon system support computer systems for logistics, engineering, special projects, configuration, and operation of field locations.  Supervised the development and operations of the organizations training program, the network redesign and the traffic segmentation, and setup and maintained the automated data processing equipment. 

1st Lieutenant

Nov 1985 to Oct 1986

Wright Paterson AFB

Software Program Manager

Performed systems modification impact studies for the Ground Launched Cruise Missile, developing cost benefit analysis studies.  Chairman of the Nuclear Surety Software Steering Committee, responsible for insuring threat system software changes adhered to preset restrictions.

Developed and maintained an international real-time wide area network that collected field failure data.  At the signing of the INF Treaty converted the collection system into the nuclear treaty tracking system saving the Air Force 6 million dollars and a 2 year development effort.  Developed the ground based guidance test platform and automated field maintenance test training system.

2nd Lieutenant

Nov 1985 to Oct 1986

Washington DC

Reliability and Maintainability Engineer

Chairman of the Joint Cruise Missile Material Improvement Project Board.  Managed the evaluation of user reported requirements and contractor proposed solutions.  Was involved in all aspects of weapon system Maintainability, Reliability, and Supportability.  Performed Engineering and Software change proposal evaluations, reviewing their impacts on life cycle costs.


Aug 1976 to Sep 1982

Little Rock AFB

Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician - Titian II

Performed trouble analysis of all missile system, communication, electronics, and mechanical, on a Titan II operational crew. Responsible for war time field bypasses of launch prevention fail safes. Served in selected system upgrading support and alternate command crew positions.