Robert Smith, PMP
(937) 527-8155

I am a Senior Manager II for Wal-Mart Logistics, looking for my next opportunity. I am a certified PMP with extensive experience developing, supporting and implementing enterprise solutions and networks.   In this company of 2.2 million associates, with 60 thousand in the US Logistics network, I play a critical role, working closely with the executive staff, addressing needs.

I have managed projects/programs in my career with direct budgets in excess of 500 Million and teams consisting of several thousand members.  I have worked within long established agencies as well as in upstart projects that were carried from conception to completion.  I enjoy working with the customer to interpret their needs.

My strengths lay in the creation, sales, development and implementation of a solution. My skills can be used to ensure that solutions are efficiently conceived, designed, produced, documented, marketed and carried out according to a plan. This includes developing the plan, resource allocation and risk management, delegating and monitoring tasks, team building, tracking actual to planned performance including variance from project schedule and budget.  I can estimate cost and savings as well as prepare IRR, MIRR and NPV.

In my present position I manage a team of field agents spread across the US in business units.  This team supports the Logistics (Distribution and Transportation) data automation systems.   We use a matrixed team of contractor and associates consisting of 10,000 members to supply the “boots on the ground”.

My extensive experience in managing design and implementation of enterprises systems and networks as well as my ability to interpret user needs would allow me to add strong skills to your company.    I look forward to an opportunity to speak to you about your needs and how I can help you meet them.


Robert Smith (Smitty), PMP®   
Senior Manager II
Logistics Systems Support
Mobile: 937.527.8155

Logistics Systems
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